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In 2009, Teacher Trout began tutoring students in English in Madrid, Spain.  She immediately noticed an issue that she wanted to remedy: by the time she got to her students, they had already spent most of the day learning from books.  Her instincts have never driven her to sit a child down in front of a book in order to learn something as dynamic as a language, so she started searching for meaningful games that would help her children develop their English language skills.  She found many games that focused on a single aspect of language, be it vocabulary or grammar, but nothing that allowed for the creativity that a language requires of a learner in order for that person to become fluent.  She set out to change that for her students and she developed 16 games with different levels over a period of three years.  Teacher Trout wants to offer these games to other teachers, since they have been so useful to her.  New games will be periodically added. 

Available now!

Phrase It Up: Teacher Trout's only game for adults.  A challenging game that teaches phrasal verbs and their usage.

Broaden your knowledge of Phrasal Verbs and reinforce those that you already know.  By playing with phrasal verbs, you can trick your brain into learning while having fun.  "Phrase It Up" intends to provide a fun learning atmosphere that will be conducive to acquisition of meanings, making it easier for you to navigate day-to-day conversations with native speakers, since informal English makes great use of phrasal verbs.

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Fish in a grammar tree





I can think of no greater gift than the opportunity I have had to help so many children find a new voice and discover a new perspective of the world.

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